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Experience Sampling Method

Thomas Sather
Experience sampling refers to a set of data collection methods for gathering systematic self-reports of behaviors, emotions, or experiences as they occur in the individual's natural environment. These procedures may also be labeled as event sampling, real-time data capture, ambulatory assessment, diary method, or ecological momentary assessment in the research ... Continue to Article >>

Measuring Language: Challenges and Considerations

Gerasimos Fergadiotis
Operational Definitions The first thing is to sit down with the person who is interested in obtaining information about a speaker and have a discussion about what, exactly, we are interested in measuring. The very first step would be to actually define what we want to measure. Sometimes that seems ... Continue to Article >>

Crowdsourcing Speech Ratings with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Tara McAllister Byun
An overview and advice for adding crowdsourced data collection methods to the CSD research toolbox. Crowdsourcing actually has been used in a lot of research fields, but it hasn't made its way into speech pathology just yet. So I teamed up with a few other researchers in speech pathology who ... Continue to Article >>

Lessons Learned: Selecting and Implementing Measures for a Longitudinal Study with Children Who Are Hard of Hearing

Mary Pat Moeller
Age-Appropriate Measurement The measurement was a huge challenge because we were taking six months to six years of age, and so we need developmentally appropriate measures across all of these ages. And you don't want to change your measures at every age, because then it's complex to look longitudinally. So ... Continue to Article >>

Developing Good Tasks and the Task Impurity Problem in Cognitive and Linguistic Research

Malcolm McNeil
I've spent a life trying to develop tasks, that are good tasks, that actually measure what we think they measure. When I think about it, I think the one common factor going through anything that I've ever tried to do, I would call and other people have called the "task ... Continue to Article >>

A Clinically Meaningful Theory of Outcome Measurement in Rehabilitation

Robert Massof
The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for clarity. I'm going to be talking about more theory than models that so at least most of what I have to say is model-free, it doesn't depend on which model you're going to be using. However, I'm going to ... Continue to Article >>

NIH Initiatives to Improve Measurement: PROMIS and Toolbox

Karon F. Cook
The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for clarity. I'm delighted to talk to you about NIH initiatives to improve measurement. They have some similarities between them, and I will point those out. The first one I'm going to talk about is PROMIS. I'm going to start ... Continue to Article >>