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Single-Subject Experimental Design | CREd Library

Single-Subject Experimental Design: An Overview

CREd Library, Julie Wambaugh, and Ralf Schlosser
Single-subject experimental designs – also referred to as within-subject or single case experimental designs – are among the most prevalent designs used in CSD treatment research. These designs provide a framework for a quantitative, scientifically rigorous approach where each participant provides his or her own experimental control. An Overview of ... Continue to Article >>

Treatment Fidelity in Single-Subject Designs

CREd Library and Ralf Schlosser
Treatment fidelity, also called procedural integrity or treatment integrity, refers to the methodological strategies used to evaluate the extent to which an intervention is being implemented as intended. Maintaining high treatment fidelity helps ensure that changes observed during a study reflect an alteration of the subject’s behavior and not an ... Continue to Article >>

Issues In Single-Subject Research

Kevin P Kearns
The following slides accompanied a presentation delivered at ASHA's Clinical Practice Research Institute. Data speak, not men... "Designs have inherent rigor but not all studies using a design are rigorous" -- Randy; yesterday "Illusion of strong evidence..."-- Gilbert, McPeek & Mosteller, 1977 Effects of Interpretation Bias on Research Evidence (Kaptchuk, ... Continue to Article >>