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Creating and Documenting Clinical Impact

Committee on Clinical Research, Implementation Science, and Evidence-Based Practice (CRISP)
Table of Contents Introduction to Creating and Documenting Clinical Impact Please note: The following transcript has been edited for length and clarity. Transcript Slide 1:Hello, thanks for choosing to participate in this unit called Creating and Documenting Clinical Impact.My name is Trina Spencer and I’m the chair of the Committee ... Continue to Article >>

Using Twitter and Blogs to Advance Your Research

Susan Rvachew
Twitter is a researcher's paradise. That's where researchers hang out. And it just feels like being at home. When you're on there, there's a lot of other researchers, and I'm also very interested in politics, too, that's another place where I can get my kicks there. When I wake up ... Continue to Article >>

Peer Review

About Peer Review What is peer review? The peer review process...involves the assessment of an article by volunteer reviewers (blind to the author and working independently of one another) who engage in the problem-solving task of identifying flaws within the research itself or its reporting and determining the overall value ... Continue to Article >>

Enhancing Dissemination Through Marketing and Distribution Systems

Matthew W. Kreuter
The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for clarity. I come from the planet cancer. My work there, I think, is conceptually relevant to the work that you all do. I'm an intervention researcher. We develop and test programs and solutions to try to eliminate health disparities ... Continue to Article >>

Development and Dissemination Pathway of a Voice Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease (LSVT LOUD)

Lorraine Ramig
The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for clarity. Additional presentation slides can be downloaded by clicking the PDF button in the toolbar. I will talk to you a little bit about our origin and research pathway, and I'm primarily going to focus on our adventures in ... Continue to Article >>

Developing a Successful Research Career: Where to Publish

Ray Kent
The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for clarity. Point/Counterpoint: There are multiple paths to success. There is not just one yellow brick road that takes you to social impact, R01s, tenure, pursuit of happiness and lots of stuff. There are lots of different roads of different ... Continue to Article >>

Client-Centered Communication and Patient Decision Aids

Christine Dollaghan
The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for clarity. I'd like to start by putting this in context a little bit, and that is the way I started thinking about evidence-based practice is that we really have three kinds of evidence that we need to be trying ... Continue to Article >>