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Study Participant Recruitment and Selection | CREd Library

Setting Up a Participant Recruitment Database

CREd Library and Floris Singletary
While developing a recruitment database requires an initial investment of time and resources, it can save time in the long term by providing a more efficient system for identifying leads, managing follow up communications, and generating reports for analyzing recruitment trends and issues. When setting up recruitment software, researchers should ... Continue to Article >>

Creating Good Participant Recruitment Materials

CREd Library and Floris Singletary
The ability to recruit an adequate number of participants can be an important factor in a study's success, helping to ensure that the work can be completed within planned budgets and timelines, and with sufficient statistical power. While every study will encounter unique opportunities and challenges, experienced researchers suggest that ... Continue to Article >>

Planning for a Participant Recruitment Phase

CREd Library and Floris Singletary
Investigators often underestimate the time and effort required for recruiting a sufficient number of participants, or don't fully consider the impacts of inclusion/exclusion criteria when making study population and enrollment estimates. A few suggestions for improving study recruitment include seeking out opportunities for engagement within the institution and community, developing ... Continue to Article >>

Lessons Learned in Participant Recruitment and Attrition in a Longitudinal Study

Mary Pat Moeller
You can imagine trying to recruit a sample of this size is also challenging. And at each of the sites, we had strengths -- and clinical people who had a network of connections in their state. Those relationships that come through the clinic are really valuable to a researcher because ... Continue to Article >>