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Setting Up a Participant Recruitment Database

While developing a recruitment database requires an initial investment of time and resources, it can save time in the long term by providing a more efficient system for identifying leads, managing follow up communications, and generating reports for analyzing recruitment

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Creating Good Participant Recruitment Materials

The ability to recruit an adequate number of participants can be an important factor in a study’s success, helping to ensure that the work can be completed within planned budgets and timelines, and with sufficient statistical power. While every study

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Adaptive Clinical Designs

This presentation was delivered as part of a workshop session on the application of adaptive design principles to clinical trials in speech-language pathology. Ray Kent provides summary thoughts and comments on the seminar, with additional comments from Sharon Yeatts, who

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Clinical Trials Concept Proposal: Thirty-One Essential Elements

Presented at the Clinical Practice Research Institute (CPRI). Hosted by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Research Mentoring Network. Essential Elements 1. List the title of the proposed research, the Principal Investigator(s), and the institution(s). 2. If prior clinical trial experience is

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