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How does the review process for registered reports work?

In Stage 1, reviewers evaluate the importance of the research question and quality of the proposed design. At the conclusion of this stage, the editor may reject the submission, request revisions that may be sent back to reviewers, or accept the submission “in principle.” If a paper is accepted in

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What are the criteria for evaluating registered reports?

Stage 1 In Stage 1, reviewers are asked to review the registered report along five dimensions: Importance of the research question Soundness of proposed hypothesis Soundness and feasibility of proposed design (including statistical power) Whether proposed experiment offers an adequate and appropriate test of hypothesis Whether proposed methods are appropriate

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What is the page limit and can I have an appendix?

The suggested maximum page limit for registered reports is 40 manuscript pages. Authors are encouraged to use an online appendix as a way to provide details that reviewers need to evaluate proposed experimental designs and supplemental materials for , as applicable.

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