Sharing and Using Your Research

ASHA recognizes the importance of authors’ use of their work in furthering the scholarship and research. Although a copyright transfer is signed by authors at submission, authors should be aware that they retain many rights for noncommercial use of the material. Express permission for use is required only in circumstances stipulated on the copyright transfer form. 


Using Social Media

As with most every industry, social media has proven to be profoundly impactful on the academic journals market. Authors, readers and, publishers alike are seeking direct and immediate engagement with members of the scholarly community.

Additionally, social media has expanded the types of content that can be included with journal text. Many authors will now include various forms of multimedia content, such as videos, datasets, images, and audio files along with their research. This enables publishers, such as the ASHA Journals, to enhance the discoverability and value of research.

The ASHA journals use social media to increase visibility and promote research. We have several unique means of engagement, which allows for a multichannel conversation in the scholarly community of communication sciences and disorders.

Impact Tools

ASHA is working with a free service called GrowKudos to help our authors maximize the impact of their published work. You can use GrowKudos to

  • Open up research to new audiences
  • Track the most effective networks for getting your work read, discussed, and cited
  • Learn where to focus your efforts to make best use of time
  • Improve the metrics by which your reach is evaluated.
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Altmetric data is now available on articles published in the ASHA journals (the American Journal of Audiology; the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology; the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research; and Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools), as well as on articles in Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups.

The Altmetric data available on the journal articles allows you to

  • See the attention that each article is receiving from nontraditional sources, including mainstream and social media, published policy documents, and online reference managers
  • Explore the conversations surrounding the content
  • Identify recent papers your peers think are interesting.
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