Maximizing Impact With Kudos

ASHA is working with a free service called Kudos to help our authors maximize the impact of their published work.

You can register now ( to explain and share some of your existing publications. There is no charge for authors to register with Kudos and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Once registered, you can create and track features that help aid dissemination of your work. To help ASHA authors publicize their research to colleagues and funders, all authors—corresponding authors as well as contributing authors—are encouraged to participate in Kudos.

Kudos is also integrated into the ASHA Journals Editorial Manager system, making it even faster and easier for you to explain and share your research. When submitting your manuscript, simply follow the prompts to include a Kudos summary. 

A preliminary study of the first two years’ usage of Kudos determined that researchers’ use of the Kudos toolkit leads to 23% higher downloads of the full text on the publisher site for those publications. You, too, can use Kudos to make your outreach efforts more effective:

  • Open up research to new audiences.
  • Track the most effective networks for getting your work read, discussed, and cited.
  • Learn where to focus your efforts to make best use of time.
  • Improve the metrics by which your reach is evaluated.

As an author, you can do the following:

  • create an impact statement;
  • explain your work to lay audiences;
  • add a short title to your paper(s) to aid skimming;
  • add translations of key article metadata to aid discoverability;
  • add links to relevant resources such as blogs, videos and press releases; and
  • share your work through social media networks (Twitter, ResearchGate, LinkedIn, etc.) as well as traditional media.

Kudos records when new features are added to your account and when links are shared through online and social media. This means the results of your activities are measurable, and you will be able to see the significance of your actions in a personalized dashboard as part of your Kudos account. Kudos can be used to explain and share publications from ASHA and any other publisher that uses DOIs, so you can manage all your publications in one place.

ASHA journals encourage authors to take advantage of this free service.  Resources to help you get started are listed below.

Kudos Integrates Directly With the ASHAWire Platform

Completing a Kudos summary for your research will automatically add a Kudos Plain-Language Summary widget to the article page (example provided below). With this tool, you can easily communicate what your research is about and why it is important. 

screen shot of a kudos summary on an ASHAWire article page

Kudos Videos

Step-by-step video tutorial for using Kudos
Explaining your publications with Kudos
Sharing your publications with Kudos