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Guidance for the Editors and Editorial Board Members of the ASHA Journals

Every ASHA journal operates under the guidance of an Editorial Board, providing expert advice on content, attracting new authors and encouraging submissions. The Editorial Board is a team of experts in the journal’s various specialty areas within the communication sciences and disorders discipline.

Conflicts of Interest

Learn about ethical cosiderations regarding conflicts of interest.

Rendering Decisions

Learn about making recommendations and rendering final decisions.

Manage Assignments

Access the ASHA Journals peer review system to manage your editorial assignments.

Now available on the ASHA Journals Academy, PREP Development Modules offer a quick way to learn about ASHA Journals’ editorial board model. 

PREP Development Module 1

The ASHA Journals
Editorial Board Model

Learn more about conducting a review for the ASHA Journals in PREP, the Peer Review Excellence Program

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