Submission Instructions

ASHA Journals ScholarOne Manuscripts Submission Instructions

Follow the instructions below to submit your manuscript to an ASHA journal through ScholarOne Manuscripts (S1). If you experience any problems during submission, please contact the appropriate Editorial Administrator at,,, or

The Value of ORCiD

An ORCiD is a free, digital identifier which attaches to your research activities. Attaching an ORCiD to your submissions to the ASHA Journals assures that you will be identifiable and receive proper credit for your work, despite issues like having a common name.

Registration is simple and free; therefore, ASHA encourages all authors and volunteers to have an ORCID iD and connect it to his/her ScholarOne Manuscripts account, using the instructions on the edit account pages. To learn more about ORCID and how it can help you manage your scholarly identity, please visit the About section of the official ORCiD website.