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Why do some CEU self-studies include multiple-choice questions? 

In 2020, Perspectives switched to asking affiliates an open-ended question to better gauge what the learner has taken away from the exam. All CE products developed before then include multiple choice questions. Both formats offer ASHA CEUs at a great value!  For information on developing learning outcomes for Perspectives and other continuing education

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How long will the peer review process take?

The typical time from submission to first decision on a manuscript is approximately 5 weeks. Authors can ensure the fastest review times by providing all necessary documents at the time of submission and responding to queries from the editor in a timely manner.  To find out more about the ASHA Journals

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My article has been accepted, when will it be published?

The typical time from acceptance to publication in Newly Published (ePub Ahead of Issue) is approximately 3 months. Forum and Special Issue articles are typically published only in their scheduled issue.  You can learn more about the post-review journal production process and timeline on the Production Steps page.

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Can I post my article to my university repository or intranet?

Authors may post on their personal Web sites, on department or university intranets, or in university repositories the final, accepted manuscript along with the abstract from the final, published article when available, provided that publication information (including the Web address of the journal site) is provided as applicable. For more

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Can I post my article to free online services such as Research Gate?

No, doing so would represent a violation of the Copyright Transfer Agreement signed by the authors. This restriction would not apply to open access articles because the author retains the copyright.  For information on how authors can use and share their research published in the ASHA Journals, please visit the Maximizing the

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