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Hearing Loss and Healthy Aging – A Public Health Perspective

Frank Lin
The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for clarity. Click the PDF icon to download the presentation slides. So, I need to preface this talk by saying as Margaret mentioned before, clinically, I'm trained as an otologist, as an ENT otologic surgeon. But from a research perspective, ... Continue to Article >>

Testing Combinations of Phonological Intervention Approaches for Francophone Children

Susan Rvachew
This interview provides a look "Behind the Science" of the AJSLP article A Randomized Trial of 12-Week Interventions for the Treatment of Developmental Phonological Disorder in Francophone Children. Designing the Study Theoretical Underpinnings The way that we think about speech disorders has changed quite a lot in the last few ... Continue to Article >>

Testing Theories: Using Intervention Research to Build a Theoretical Base for Evidence-based Practice

Nadine Martin
People think treatment research is just about finding a good method. It's actually got more value -- it can also be used to test theories. And that's very important. The hardest part, I think is finding the interesting research question to begin with. It has to be of interest to ... Continue to Article >>

Auditory Brainstem Implants in Children

Laurie Eisenberg
What are you working on? Right now I'd say my career is focused less on specific research questions, hypothesis-driven questions, and more into clinical trials with devices. So we have one NIH grant that's looking specifically at the development of children how are hard of hearing who are hearing aid ... Continue to Article >>

Improving Treatment via Continuing Assessment—The Lidcombe Program

Barry Guitar
The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for length and clarity. I'm going to be talking about the Lidcombe Program. We've been using this program since about the year 2000. It's a parent-delivered pre-school program for kids who stutter. Soon after we were using it, I was ... Continue to Article >>

Lessons Learned About High Fidelity LEAP Replication

Phillip Strain
The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for clarity. Since 1985 my colleagues and I have been in the business of replicating the LEAP model of intervention for young kids with autism. We've done that in about 100 preschool settings across about 20 states. And I want ... Continue to Article >>

Investigating the Effects of Strength Training in Managing Bulbar Dysfunction in ALS Patients

Emily K. Plowman
Currently, as a speech language pathologist working with patients with ALS, patients are given feeding tubes, PEG tubes, and they're given AAC devices. Really, the current state of play is they unfortunately have these crutches to help get them through, and it's more palliative treatment. Having worked in an ALS ... Continue to Article >>

Challenges, Opportunities and Advice in School-Based Intervention Research

Nancy Creaghead
I'm Nancy Creaghead, and I am faculty at the University of Cincinnati. I have been there for 40 years. So, over the last ten years, we've had a number of projects going on in Head Start. And our goals primarily are to collaborate with teachers and to enhance the language ... Continue to Article >>