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Validity and Bias | CREd Library

Monitoring and Reporting Treatment Fidelity

CREd Library and Jacqueline Hinckley
Video: Monitoring and Reporting Treatment Fidelity Treatment fidelity means assuring that the treatment in a research study is conducted consistently and reliably. That is very important is because the outcomes of treatment research ends up affecting patient care and the quality of care that patients receive. In most of our ... Continue to Article >>

Balancing Fidelity and Adaptation. If We Want More Evidence-Based Practice, We Need more Practice-Based Evidence

Lawrence W. Green
The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for clarity. If we want more evidence-based practice, we need more practice-based evidence. Well, there's the title and there's the answer. Let's define these two terms. Fidelity. I suggest that the way it's most commonly used is adherence in the ... Continue to Article >>

Notes on Precision, Accuracy, Confounds, and Effect Modifiers

Randall R. Robey
The following slides accompanied a presentation delivered at ASHA's Clinical Practice Research Institute. Precision and Accuracy Adapted from Hulley, et al. (2007) . Just about every statistic (descriptive and inferential) is an expression of a basic ratio. In the numerator goes a measurement of the influence of the research hypothesis ... Continue to Article >>