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Moving Institutions

Christy Ludlow
The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for clarity. I want to talk about moving. Because some people get offers after they've started at an institution. First of all, you generally don't want to move before you get tenure at your first institution. Because that suggests that ... Continue to Article >>

Building Productive Research Partnerships with School Systems

Barbara Ehren
First of all, I think we need to have more partnerships among researchers and school folks. It is very difficult, and I walk both sides of the line. But we are, at our university, successful at engaging partners in our school districts, especially with our doctoral students doing research. We ... Continue to Article >>

Using Collaborations to Strengthen Research and Work Smarter

Faith Akin
I think it's stronger when you have an interdisciplinary approach. We have a fairly active vestibular balance lab. There are four investigators that collaborate on research experiments. One physical therapist and three PhD audiologists. I guess what I've become really aware of is the contribution that other fields can bring ... Continue to Article >>

Forging Links to Practitioners and Clinical Agencies

Thomas Campbell
The following slides accompanied a presentation delivered at ASHA's Clinical Practice Research Institute. Success in practice research requires strong links to clinicians, administrators and community organizations Strategically planning how to develop these links prior to the study will often result in: Successful subject recruitment Enthusiastic support from community organizations Strong ... Continue to Article >>