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Developing a Speech Pathology Treatment Evidence Database

Leanne Togher
SpeechBITE started because there were other allied health databases that were being developed in Australia -- focusing on other professions -- so PEDro had been developed for physiotherapy. OTseeker had been developed for occupational therapy, and there was a new one called PsycBITE which I became a founding member of, ... Continue to Article >>

Changing Demographics: Impact of an Aging Population on Hearing Loss Research

Barbara E. Weinstein
I think the changing demographics is going to change all landscapes. There are going to be so many people who are living longer, and living with all these different chronic conditions. It's going to be much more expensive to be able to support the older people as they live longer ... Continue to Article >>

Notes on Optimizing Clinical Research for Evidence-Based Practitioners

Randall R. Robey
Evidence Based Practice and the Knowledge Transfer Problem Within EBP, knowledge transfer refers to the adoption and usage of evidence -- produced through clinical research -- by clinical practitioners to influence their clinical decisions and actions. Challenges to successful knowledge transfer largely center on two influential factors. Decisions/(in)actions effected by ... Continue to Article >>