You may have heard about the benefits of including a plain-language summary in Kudos when you submit an article to the ASHA Journals. Not only do authors who explain their publication on Kudos get more eyes on their research, but now your article can be featured on ASHA’s Kudos Showcase page, which you can see in the screenshot below.

About the Kudos Showcase

The Kudos Showcase gives readers one easy place to read plain-language summaries of ASHA Journals articles with a plain-language summary on Kudos. This new resource will be particularly useful to clinicians or members of the public looking to learn about the latest information in the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology in a quick and easy way.

As an author, you can make sure that your article is included in the Kudos Showcase by following two easy steps. First, when submitting your article to Editorial Manager, you can include a plain-language summary of at least 250 characters. Once the article is published, the plain-language summary will automatically appear on You will then receive an email from Kudos inviting you to claim the publication and choose an image that best represents the publication for it to be added to the Kudos showcase! Of course, while you’re there, you can insert additional information, link any related files, and take advantage of Kudos’ easy sharing tools.

More About Kudos

Kudos is a free service that helps researchers like you accelerate and broaden the impact of your research by making your work easier to understand and by providing tools to share and add to your existing research. Through ASHA’s partnership with Kudos, the plain-language summary that you offer will be visible directly on the article page when the article is published.

But Kudos is much more than a plain-language summary! Along with telling readers what your article is about and why it’s important, you can also upload any number of additional materials—such as surveys, data sets, or even links to related podcasts or videos where you discuss the article or topic in question.

Kudos’ sharing tools also make it easy to share your article on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as platforms in China such as Weibo and WeChat! Once you have shared you can come back and check the impact your research is having against a range of metrics and discover which of these channels is the most effective for you.

The ASHA Kudos Showcase is just the latest in our years-long partnership with Kudos. We hope that this attention-grabbing page will help more authors share and explain the value of their research. You can learn more about Kudos below, or on their website.

Kudos by the Numbers

10: It takes under 10 minutes to register an account and add a plain language summary.

452: The number of ASHA Journals articles that have a plain-language summary for Kudos.

138,000: The number of page views on ASHA’s Kudos articles.

49%: Articles with a plain-language summary on Kudos are read 49% more than those that don’t include a summary.

68%: The percentage of authors who said that a Kudos page helped them find a new audience for their article.

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