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2020 ASHA Journals Awards

The ASHA Journals Awards encompass two categories of publications-related awards: The Alfred K. Kawana Award for Lifetime Achievement in Publications and the Editor’s Awards. For information on the ASHA Journals Awards, including present and past recipients, see the ASHA Journals

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Submit Your Preprints to the ASHA Journals!

We’re happy to announce that ASHA Journals now welcome submission of manuscripts that have been released as preprints on a preprint server, individual website, or a required institutional repository. What Is a Preprint? A preprint is any “complete written description

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ASHA Journals Advantage

Get Credit for ASHA Journals Reviews With Publons

Peer review is integral to the ASHA journals; however, the nature of blinded review may leave editorial board members and other reviewers unable to claim credit for their work. The ASHA Journals’ integration with Publons allows reviewers to record and

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