Editorial Board Members and reviewers who serve the ASHA journals may have noticed a change earlier this year. Your Publons profile has been transferred to Web of Science and is now a part of their researcher profile.

Although the name may have changed, the advantages of using your Web of Science researcher profile are the same—whether you’re an experienced user or a new reviewer. Find out how to track all of your peer review work in one place below.

What Is a Web of Science Researcher Profile?

Like a Publons profile, your Web of Science Researcher Profile allows you to show off your experience with peer review, all while maintaining the integrity of the ASHA Journals’ single-blind review. Your researcher profile allows you to view and share the history of your work as an editor, editorial board member, or ad hoc reviewer. Even better, these reviews are all verified via Editorial Manager or ASHA Journals staff, so you know that you can trust a researcher profile.

You may not even realize that you have a researcher profile! If you’ve ever clicked a box in Editorial Manager indicating that you’d like credit for your review, that means the review has been added to your profile automatically. In 2022 alone, 1,300 reviews have been added to Web of Science this way, and there’s a chance yours was one of them!

Get Credit for Your Work!

So far this year, more than 73% of reviewers across ASHA’s journals have opted to import their reviews directly from Editorial Manager to Web of Science. This marks the third year in a row that more than 70% of reviewers have chosen to record their reviews without having to leave Editorial Manager!

Showcasing your commitment to the peer review process can help any researcher stand out when looking to advance in your career. Make sure your expertise is being recognized by taking advantage of a Web of Science Researcher Profile.

More on Researcher Profiles

You can learn more about researcher profiles on Web of Science’s website. If you don’t have a researcher profile, or aren’t sure if you do, you can create one or manage your existing reviews right on the website.

You can also read about Web of Science Researcher Profiles, formerly known as Publons, right here on Context. Check out some of our previous coverage below.