We know that standing out from the crowd as an early- or mid-career researcher is important for those looking to take the next step in their careers. One easy way to do that is to track your editorial service for the ASHA Journals by using the services of Publons.

What Is Publons?

The ASHA Journals program uses single-blinded peer review, a common review system where the reviewers aren’t known to the authors unless these reviewers choose to be. Although this system creates a fair review, it may leave reviewers unable to authenticate the time and effort put into their review. That’s where Publons comes in!

Publons is an easy way to confirm your participation with the ASHA Journals as a handling editor, editorial board member, or reviewer. Once your contributions to the journal are confirmed, they can be easily downloaded into a “Publons CV” that can be shared with tenure committees, hiring teams, or anyone else who may be interested in your work.

Just a Few Clicks!

The best part about Publons is that it’s already integrated with the systems you use! Whenever you review an article for one of the five ASHA journals, you’ll be asked “Do you want to get recognition for this review on Publons?” Once you answer “yes,” you’ll receive an email with a private link to claim your review, and it will be added to your Publons CV.

Need to complete your profile by getting credit for your previous reviews? Simply click “manage my reviews” and “add a review,” then fill in whatever data you can about the review. ASHA Journals staff will then review the data you entered and approve your review.

More Than Reviews

Publons also gives you the opportunity to log service as an editorial board member or handling editor. Getting credit in Publons for articles on which you’ve served as a guest editor is a great way to showcase your experience when applying for an editorship.

Publons also offers free online peer review training, including programs focusing on reviewing in the sciences. For students and early-career researchers looking to get started in peer review, the sections on reviewing with a mentor may be particularly useful.

Finally, be sure to link any articles that you’ve authored to your Publons profile; Publons will help you track your citations. This information will highlight the impact that your research is creating in the community.

7,500 Reviews and Counting

As you can see, reviewers are already claiming credit for their work on Publons!

For more details, including screenshots of how to set up your account, see our previous coverage of Publons. If you’re one of the 27% of reviewers who isn’t getting credit for your reviews in the ASHA Journals, no worries: You can set up an account via these easy instructions, or learn more to determine whether this is for you.