Peer review is integral to the ASHA journals; however, the nature of blinded review may leave editorial board members and other reviewers unable to claim credit for their work. The ASHA Journals’ integration with Publons allows reviewers to record and verify their service without compromising the integrity of the anonymous peer review process.

The first step toward getting credit for a new review is as simple as answering “yes.” When reviewing an article in Editorial Manager for ASHA Journals, the final question that we ask reviewers are asked is “Do you want to get recognition for this review on Publons?” If you answer “yes,” you will be emailed a private link to “claim” the review in Publons, which adds it to their reviewer profile. Currently, more than 4,000 reviews across the ASHA Journals have been claimed via Publons, with more than 65% of reviewers opting to record their reviews in 2019.

Adding past reviews to your profile is also easy. From your private dashboard, you can click “Manage my reviews,” then “add a review” and add the journal name and article title or digital object identifier (DOI; a unique alphanumerical code attached to an article or book by publishers who cooperate with the DOI standard). You should also include the date you performed the review (or as close as you can remember) so that the review can be verified more quickly by the publisher and can appear on your dashboard. Once articles are added to your record, you can share the link to your Publons profile or download the record to your CV. The number of articles you’ve reviewed per year will also show up in a handy chart on your Publons page.

Click “Manage My Reviews” from your private dashboard summary
Be sure to include as much information as you can when adding a review.

In addition to articles that you reviewed, Publons also offers tools to track the publications you’ve authored. At the bottom of your profile, charts show your authorship by year, as well as citation metrics for articles you’ve written. Publons also allows you to track service on the editorial board of a journal, keeping your entire record in one place.

You can create a profile in Publons here, where you can add personal information such as your research field, institutions, and affiliations. Looking to get more involved? Try searching Publons for editors or journals in your area of interest. If you’re not currently an editorial board member for the ASHA journals, you can even indicate your interest to review for the journal of your choice directly within Publons (but be sure you’ve completed your profile first!). Simply select the journal you’re interested in, and click the “Click to let them know” button.

You can read more about ASHA’s partnership with Publons (and other ways that the ASHA journals recognize reviewers) in the Peer Review Process section of the ASHA Journals Academy. For more information on Publons, we recommend the “How it Works” section of their website. We look forward to helping more reviewers get recognized through Publons!