National Speech-Language Hearing Month1 (NSLHM ) is an opportunity for ASHA members to come together around the shared goal of helping the people we serve and reaching out to people who need our services. For more than 50 years, ASHA has led efforts to focus on public outreach during this month, providing members with a variety of tools to do the same. By sharing more on what we do and who we work with every day, we can show individuals that they’re not alone—and that ASHA members can help.

Resources for Children and Families

Last November, ASHA announced new Developmental Milestones for communication and for feeding and swallowing. These milestones let parents and caregivers know what skills they should expect from children ages 0–5 and provide resources on how to get screened by an ASHA professional if these milestones aren’t met. You can find the articles that informed ASHA’s Developmental Milestones in our Special Collection.

In addition, ASHA has also developed and/or co-authored (with top organizations) a number of articles for families. These plain-language resources teach parents about different types of communication and how to protect their children’s hearing.

The NSLHM home page also includes resources in English and Spanish for parents of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers—these resources teach parents how to introduce and use technology in a healthy way. Technology is all around us, and ASHA members can help parents navigate technology options and prioritize social communication.

Get Involved All Month Long

This year during NSLHM, ASHA is discussing harmful stigmas that affect people with communication disorders and that even prevent people from seeking help. We hope you can spread the word that seeking care from an ASHA professional can help people communicate with their loved ones and those around them—throughout this month and beyond!

You can show your support for NSLHM in a variety of ways—including through social media images, Zoom backgrounds, and printable PDF posters—all available on the NSLHM website. We’ll add new resources throughout the month, so be sure to check back often, and follow ASHA on social media to learn more!

1 Formerly known as Better Hearing and Speech Month