Where we live, work, and play influences our health and health care experiences. The latest Special Collection from ASHA Journals can help ASHA members learn more about these social determinants of health (SDOH) to understand the protective factors and social risks in their clients’ lives that can impact treatment. Learn more about this collection below!

More Than 40 Articles

The SDOH Special Collection contains more than 40 articles from ASHA’s five journals. These articles are sorted based on work setting for audiologists, school-based speech-language pathologists (SLPs), and ASHA members working in health care.

The majority of the articles featured in the Special Collection have been published in the last 2 years, ensuring that ASHA members have the most timely information at their fingertips. These articles cover topics across the sciences—including voice disorders, issues related to stroke, and more—and focus on patients across the lifespan, from newborns to seniors.

Additional Resources From ASHA

The SDOH Special Collection also features relevant resources such as ASHA’s practice management webpage. ASHA’s materials not only describe SDOH but clarify the role of ASHA members in screening for SDOH—and provide screening tools and other supports.

In addition, two featured articles from The ASHA Leader show ASHA members

  • how to screen for SDOH during neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) discharge and
  • how SDOH affect Medicare and Medicaid billing.

Finally, linked episodes of the ASHA Voices podcast explore SDOH and health care disparities from a variety of perspectives.

Understanding a person’s social determinants of health can help you find new approaches in the clinic and offer more holistic assessment and treatment. We hope that the articles in this Special Collection help you better understand the people you help—as well as their families.

About Special Collections

This Special Collection is our eighth curated collection from ASHA Journals. After exploring this Special Collection, you may also be interested in our collection on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) or Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning.

We strive to keep our Special Collections updated, so be sure to bookmark the Special Collections webpage to see what’s new—and follow ASHA Journals on X to get more updates.