Picture this: You’ve worked months on your latest submission for an ASHA journal—summarizing your research, getting your tables and figures in order, and assembling your references list. You submit your paper in Editorial Manager, giving yourself a pat on the back while simultaneously packing up for vacation.

On your return, however, you’re met with an email from an ASHA peer review manager. Since your submission wasn’t formatted properly, your paper has not yet been shared with an editor—and now your work is delayed.

According to Paperpal, one in three manuscripts is returned to the author due to technical issues before any reviewers have the chance to even see the work. This delay adds unnecessary time to the peer review process and is equally frustrating for both authors and editors.

ASHA Journals and Paperpal have teamed up to offer a solution to this problem: Introducing Paperpal Preflight for ASHA Journals.

How It Works

Paperpal Preflight uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to look over your abstract, disclosures, references, and other areas that might cause a paper to fail a pre-review check. You’ll then receive a walkthrough of any potential issues as well as an early indication of whether or not your paper will pass the journal’s administrative checks.

Even better, you can run the check right from your journal’s Editorial Manager page. On the right side of the login page, you’ll see a link to Paperpal Preflight on the right side of the page. Click “Find out more” to go directly to the Paperpal Preflight page and upload your manuscript.

Get to Paperpal Preflight directly from Editorial Manager!

Although Paperpal’s Preflight screening service is free, for $29 authors can also download a copy of their manuscript with tracked changes, including language and grammar suggestions, to help improve readability.

ASHA Journals and Paperpal don’t guarantee that your paper will pass technical checks or be accepted for publication; however, using Paperpal Preflight before submission can help your paper enter peer review in a timely manner. You can learn more about ASHA Journals and Paperpal Preflight on the ASHA Journals Academy.

Wheels Up With Paperpal Preflight!

ASHA’s five journals join more than 300 other journals in offering Paperpal Preflight. To date, 20,000+ authors have used this service.

If you have any questions about the criteria that Paperpal Preflight uses to evaluate your paper, be sure to check out ASHA’s manuscript preparation guidelines. Here, you can find guidance on writing and formatting your manuscript.

We hope that this new tool makes the pre-submission process less stressful for busy authors!

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