The Alfred K. Kawana Award for Lifetime Achievement in Publications

This award, named in memory of Alfred K. Kawana, former director of ASHA publications, recognizes a sustained history of exemplary publications by a scholar whose journal contributions span at least 10 years and are meritorious in their educational, scientific, or clinical value. Learn more about this and other ASHA Journals awards on ASHAWire.

2018 Kawana Awardee: Kathryn Yorkston

University of Washington

A specialist in motor speech disorders in adults, Dr. Yorkston has spent much of her professional career bridging the divide between research and practice and bringing together multiple fields of study. Her influential publishing career has spanned decades and included over forty contributions to the ASHA Journals, covering multiple topic areas with her colleagues.

Dr. Yorkston has received ASHA Honors—the association’s highest award—and is an ASHA Fellow. She and her colleagues have twice been recognized with ASHA Journals Editor’s Awards as well. Having achieved such recognition for her important contributions to the field, Dr. Yorkston says her goal at this point in her career is to mentor the next generation of clinical researchers.

About the ASHA Journals Awards

It is our hope that these awards infuse a strong spirit of friendly competition, increase collaborative research among peers, and encourage a consistent if not increased level of engagement in research by ASHA members and by CSD professionals. The award-winning articles demonstrate the importance of CSD professionals not only performing research and conducting scholarly studies but also writing about, reporting on, publicizing, and sharing that research with colleagues and the CSD community.

Editor’s Awards

An Editor’s Award is given for AJAAJSLPLSHSSJSLHR (Hearing section), JSLHR (Language section), and JSLHR (Speech section) to the article that the editor-in-chief and editors feel meets the highest quality standards in research design, presentation, and impact for a given year.

2018 Editor’s Award Recipients (for articles published in 2017)

American Journal of Audiology (Editor-in-Chief: Sumit Dhar)

The Effects of Service-Delivery Model and Purchase Price on Hearing-Aid Outcomes in Older Adults: A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

Larry E. Humes, Sara E. Rogers, Tera M. Quigley, Anna K. Main, Dana L. Kinney, and Christine Herring

American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology (Editor-in-Chief: Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer)

Investigating the Adequacy of Intervention Descriptions in Recent Speech-Language Pathology Literature: Is Evidence From Randomized Trials Useable?

Arabella Ludemann, Emma Power, and Tammy C. Hoffmann

Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research–Speech Section (Editor-in-Chief: Julie Liss)

Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Intervention Delivered by Educators for Children With Speech Sound Disorders

Sharynne McLeod, Elise Baker, Jane McCormack, Yvonne Wren, Sue Roulstone, Kathryn Crowe, Sarah Masso, Paul White, and Charlotte Howland

Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research–Language Section (Editor-in-Chief: Sean Redmond)

Do the Hard Things First: A Randomized Controlled Trial Testing the Effects of Exemplar Selection on Generalization Following Therapy for Grammatical Morphology

Amanda Jean Owen Van Horne, Marc Fey, and Maura Curran

Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research–Hearing Section (Editor-in-Chief: Frederick Gallun)

Speech Recognition in Adults With Cochlear Implants: The Effects of Working Memory, Phonological Sensitivity, and Aging

Aaron C. Moberly, Michael S. Harris, Lauren Boyce, and Susan Nittrouer

Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools (Editor-in-Chief: Shelley Gray)

Interactive Book Reading to Accelerate Word Learning by Kindergarten Children With Specific Language Impairment: Identifying an Adequate Intensity and Variation in Treatment Response

Holly L. Storkel, Krista Voelmle, Veronica Fierro, Kelsey Flake, Kandace K. Fleming, and Rebecca Swinburne Romine

Thank you to all the editors-in-chief for their selection of these articles of great merit for 2017.