Whether you’re seeking evidence-based practices that you can use in the clinic or following the latest research developments, there are many reasons to read ASHA’s journals. Discover how reading the latest work across the CSD discipline can also help you earn ASHA continuing education units (CEUs) and record your professional development!

Dozens of Courses to Meet Your Needs

ASHA’s course catalog contains dozens of self-study courses based on articles from AJA, AJSLP, JSLHR, and LSHSS. Articles are bundled based on specific themes ranging from the effects of aging on hearing to advances in autism research. These learning activities are available for a wide range of ASHA CEUs up to 1.15 ASHA CEUs (11.5 professional development hours) and are priced based on the number of ASHA CEUs you can earn.

Self-study learning assessments come in two varieties: (1) multiple-choice exams and (2) self-assessments that ask you to reflect on the articles you’ve read and describe how you can apply this information in your work or studies. You can complete both types of assessments online at your convenience.

The Perspectives Advantage

If you’re looking for more opportunities to earn ASHA CEUs from reading research articles, then turn to Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups (Perspectives). Perspectives offers more than 90 self-study courses across 20 Special Interest Groups (SIGs), including topics frequently encountered in school-based settings and audiology practices as well as self-studies on telepractice and counseling. These courses range from 0.05 to 0.65 ASHA CEUs and are priced accordingly.

Convenient to Access

There are two convenient ways to access ASHA-created journal courses: The ASHA Learning Pass (which includes 750+ courses across many formats for one annual fee) and the ASHA Store (where you can purchase courses a la carte).

For considerable savings on Perspectives courses, consider joining one of ASHA’s 20 SIGs to start saving instantly! Once you’ve joined a SIG, each Perspectives course from that SIG is available for $5, no matter how many ASHA CEUs you earn upon completion. If you are both a SIG affiliate and an ASHA Learning Pass subscriber, you can access Perspectives courses from ALL 20 SIGs in your Learning Pass—for no additional charge.

As an ASHA member, we know that you’re interested in keeping up with the latest research as well as continuously learning. ASHA Journals self-study courses give you the opportunity to get credit for the reading you’re already doing!