The beginning of a new year gives us an important opportunity to step back and look at our accomplishments from the past one. Join us as we review some highlights of 2023.

In 2023, we published more than 800 articles across 37 issues of our five journals. All in all, that amounted to more than 12,000 pages of original research, reviews, updates, and more!

Thank You!

Before we finish turning our calendars ahead, we’d like to thank the many people who made the successes of this past year possible. Our editors-in-chief and editors helped guide the direction of ASHA Journals, and our editorial board members (EBMs) and ad hoc reviewers were of course instrumental in vetting and helping bring forward so much important new work into the literature. More than 1,000 authors published with us in 2023, and all involved should be so proud of that collective achievement!

Next, we’d like to celebrate our fourth year in a row of increased readership and convey our thanks to you—the readers—for more 2.6 million downloads! We will continue to provide informative articles covering every aspect of communication sciences and disorders, and we hope you’ll continue to read and recommend ASHA’s journals.

Our Commitment to Authors

We take the contributions of the authors who publish with us very seriously. This year, we undertook a number of changes designed to make the author experience at ASHA Journals even better!

Editorial board members and ad hoc reviewers performed a total of 2,500 peer reviews in 2023 and completed them faster than last year. The average time it took reviewers to complete a review went down or stayed consistent across all five journals in 2023. In total, reviewers finished their reviews in just over 18 days, almost a full day quicker than in 2022.

Once your paper is accepted for publication and then is initially formatted, you’ll notice one of our biggest new improvements: the new online proofing system, which allows you to edit text and address queries directly on your screen instead of by adding annotations to the PDF. Online proofing is currently available for two of our journals and will be rolled out to the rest in the coming months.

We know you’re excited to see your paper published online, so for the second year in a row we’ve made sure our average time from acceptance to publication for all five ASHA journals is less than 3 months. We’ve even lowered last year’s production time by 4%, meaning your work can make an impact even quicker!

New and Updated Special Collections

ASHA Journals Special Collections were created to help ASHA members keep on top of the latest news and trends in timely topic areas. In 2023, we updated existing collections and provided readers with collections on two new topics.

In January, we introduced a Special Collection on Disability Advocacy, containing more than 30 articles from across the journals as well as the ASHA Leader Live newsmagazine. Then, in November, we celebrated the release of ASHA’s Developmental Milestones with a Special Collection featuring the articles and resources that informed these milestones.

We’ve also updated three popular Special Collections: Audiologic and Aural Rehabilitation in Military Service Members and Veterans, Interprofessional Education and Practice (IPE/IPP), and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). These updated collections help ASHA members keep on top of the latest news and trends in these timely topics.

Looking Ahead

We have great things in store for 2024 and beyond, and we can’t wait for you to read what we publish this year. Be sure you see the latest articles in CSD by subscribing to alerts from your favorite journal, and don’t forget that we’ll be highlighting the latest special issues, forums, and more here at Context. We hope you have a great year ahead and we at ASHA Journals are looking forward to helping you stay in the know!