Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Group, ASHA’s scholarly review journal, is the top-rated benefit of belonging to one of ASHA’s 19 unique Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Now, Perspectives is proud to offer Affiliate Focus pages, one-stop areas where SIG Affiliates can read the latest and trending Perspectives content from their SIG(s), while exploring topically related articles from other ASHA journals and accessing their SIG benefits! Each of ASHA’s 19 SIGs have a unique Affiliate Focus page.

List of all 19 SIG Affiliate Focus pages

Perspectives content takes center stage in these pages, giving Affiliates quick access to the articles relevant to them. The Most Recent and Most Read tabs make sure that Affiliates can easily see the newest and most popular offerings from the SIG. The Most Cited tab uses citation data from Crossref to show which articles are being referenced in other works. You can toggle between Most Read, Most Recent, and Most Cited articles

Image of SIG 17’s Affiliate Focus page

The Affiliate Focus pages showcase the full range of the ASHA Journals by featuring articles of interest to SIG Affiliates in key topic areas—articles that they may have otherwise missed. Readers can select a category to see the latest and most relevant articles from the other peer-reviewed ASHA Journals and The ASHA Leader. Readers can choose from topics relevant to the SIG

Example of the topics featured on SIG 10’s Affiliate Focus page

Each SIG’s Affiliate Focus page also highlights their ASHA Online Community, an exclusive message board where Affiliates can pose questions, share documents, and discuss the latest research in their field. Anyone who belongs to a SIG automatically has access to participate in hundreds of discussions and, of course, start their own topic thread. In addition, a feed shows the latest tweets from @SIGPerspectives, highlighting news and the latest articles from PerspectivesConversations on the SIG Community are visible only to SIG affiliates.

Example from the ASHA Community section on SIG 3’s Affiliate Focus page.

Moving down the SIG Affiliate Focus page, the “Trending in Perspectives” list shows readers the top articles being shared and discussed in the field. Interested users can see what Perspectives content has been trending in the last 1, 3, 6, and 12 months according to data from Altmetric.¹ Trending articles also include the date they were last mentioned.

Example of the “Trending in Perspectives” box, which is included on all 19 pages.

A sometimes-overlooked benefit of being a SIG Affiliate is access to ASHA continuing education units (CEUs) at an exclusive price of $5 per exam. The SIG Affiliate Focus pages provide readers with a quick link to all available exams for a given SIG. These exams, worth anywhere from 0.05 to 0.35 ASHA CEUs, are a great value for Affiliates. Because each exam is available for 3 years, some SIGs have more than 10 exams, all available at $5 apiece for Affiliates. A link to Perspectives‘ self-studies is available at the top of the page under “quick links” or in this box at the bottom of the page.

Image of the “Continuing Education” box at the bottom of SIG 12’s Affiliate Focus page

Finally, each SIG has a unique job board specially curated from the ASHA Career Portal showcasing job opportunities that are most relevant to SIG Affiliates. This regularly updated feed gives SIG Affiliates a head start by filtering out other job postings that may be less suitable to their expertise or work environment.

Example of the “Jobs” box on the SIG 13 Affiliate Focus page

You can explore the 19 unique Affiliate Focus pages below, or find the list at Although these pages are available for all, Perspectives content is an exclusive benefit of belonging to one or several SIGs. For information on joining a SIG, go to

SIG Affiliate Focus Pages

¹ For more information on Altmetric, check out our blog post, “Track Your Article’s Impact in Real Time with Altmetric and Dimensions.”