Editorial Manager Instructions for Professional Development Managers

Submitting Continuing Education (CE) Files

To begin submitting CE filesyou will access and log in to the Perspectives Editorial Manager System. From there, you will enter your Editorial Manager login details and click the “Editor Login” button, shown below: 

Login Via ORCiD

ORCID provides a unique personal identifier that links your name unequivocally to
your publications. An increasing number of journals are including these unique
identifying codes in the final publications that help you get credit for your work. For
more information, see Getting Started With ORCID.

You can choose to log into Editorial Manager using your ORCID access codes by
clicking on the green ORCID ‘iD’ symbol in the login box.

After logging in to the system, you will need to select “PDM/CE Manager Editor” from the Role dropdown menu in the top navigation bar (outlined below in blue). After selecting the role, select the “Submit a Manuscript” option in the top navigation bar (outlined below in blue). 

Select The Article Type

On the New Submission screen, choose “CE Question” as the article type from the dropdown menu, outlined below. Then you will be asked to provide a title for your CE exercise as well as a short title that is less than 50 characters. 

Add Authors

Under the Add/Edit/Remove Authors section, please confirm your information. If you worked with someone in compiling or editing the exam, you can also add them as an author. (Note: You do not need to include the authors of the individual articles here.)

Selecting a SIG

In the “Select Section/Category” section, you will be provided a dropdown menu that lists all of the SIGs (shown below). Select the SIG for which you are submitting an exam.

Submit Regular Description

In the “Submit Abstract” step, you will simply enter your “Regular Description”  from your Final Issue File worksheet in the Abstract field provided (outlined in blue below). 

Selecting Classifications

In the “Select Classifications” section, you will be asked to select between 1 and 5 terms on topics that are relevant to the exam. Click the “Select Classifications” button (outlined in blue below) to open the classifications list. 

Choose between 1 and 5 classifications from the list provided. These classifications will better help readers find and select the exam. Click the checkbox next to a word (outlined in red below) then “add” to select a classification. You can also remove classifications from the “selected classifications” side by clicking the checkbox for the term and selecting “remove.” When 1-5 necessary classifications have been selected, click “Submit.”

Additional Information

On the following screen, you will be asked two additional questions. The first asks that you affirm that the CE questions and learning outcomes subimitted meet ASHA’s best practices guidelines and that the final issue files are complete and contain accurate information. The second asks for you to affirm that your contact information in your Editorial Manager account is accurate and you will keep it up to date. 

Enter Comments

If you have any additional comments to provide along with your CE files, you may enter them in the text box provided. This is an optional step, so you can skip this if you do not have any additional comments. 

Attach Files

On the following screen, you will be asked to attach your Final Issue File. Begin by selecting the file type from the dropdown menu provided. 

Then, you can upload the files by selecting “Choose Files” to open a file browser window, or you can click and drag the files in the space provided. 

Important Note:

The Final Issue File may not be uploaded in a PDF format. Uploading a PDF file will require you to resubmit your documents and may cause significant delay. Please upload all CE files as a standard document format, such as Microsoft Word (i.e., .doc or .docx). 

When you have finished uploading your files, a summary will list the included files. Please ensure that “Final Issue Files” has a number greater than zero next to it. Once you’ve verified all the files are there, select the “Build PDF for my Approval” button (outlined in blue below). 

Building the PDF and Completing the Submission

It may take several minutes for the PDF to build. Once complete, it will appear on your main menu in the “To-Do List” under My Pending Assignments. Click on “Editorial Submission in Progress” (outlined in red below).

Click “View Submission” (outlined in red below) to view the PDF and make sure that everything rendered as expected. If you need to modify anything, click “Edit Submission.” If everything looks correct, click the “Approve Submission” option (outlined in blue below) to submit your CE files. Please note, you must view and accept your submission in order to finalize the submission process.