Day: November 1, 2014

Building a Consumer-Informed Research Program

What is consumer-informed research? The traditional idea of research is that it’s investigator initiated. And so researchers, who may have differing levels of engagement in either clinical work or the community, decide on a topic, choose a research question, and

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Language Impairment in the ADHD Context

The following is a transcript of the presentation video, edited for clarity.   Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to you about some work that I’ve been doing looking at various ways of capitalizing on the comparisons

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Experience Sampling Method

Experience sampling refers to a set of data collection methods for gathering systematic self-reports of behaviors, emotions, or experiences as they occur in the individual’s natural environment. These procedures may also be labeled as event sampling, real-time data capture, ambulatory

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Monitoring and Reporting Treatment Fidelity

Video: Monitoring and Reporting Treatment Fidelity Treatment fidelity means assuring that the treatment in a research study is conducted consistently and reliably. That is very important is because the outcomes of treatment research ends up affecting patient care and the

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