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AJSLP Editorial Board Roster


Erinn Finke, PhD, CCC-SLP (2021–2023)
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

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Dr. Finke is an associate professor in the department of Audiology and Speech Pathology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC). Her research focuses on the priorities and practices of autistic adolescents and young adults regarding friendship formation and maintenance. Dr. Finke is interested in understanding how everyday contexts, such as videogame play, can be used to support social interactions between autistic and non-autistic people. Dr. Finke has expertise in and social development—including social intervention, friendship formation, and friendship interventions. Dr. Finke teaches courses on the topics of child and adolescent language disorders, severe disabilities, and augmentative and alternative communication.

Dr. Finke earned a master of science degree in 2002 and a doctor of philosophy degree (PhD) in 2008—both in communication sciences and disorders—from the Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Finke serves as director of the Autism Social Development Lab at UTHSC, where the lab’s current projects investigate (a) friendship preferences and practices of autistic and non-autistic people and (b) how autistic and non-autistic adolescents and young adults communicate while playing video games and while using other forms of technology like text and video messaging. Dr. Finke has served as editor for AJSLP since 2017.

Katherine C. Hustad, PhD, CCC-SLP (2021–2023)
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Contact Information

Dr. Hustad is a professor in the department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She is also an investigator at the Waisman Center. Her research focuses on characterizing and enhancing longitudinal speech, language, and communication development and outcomes in children with cerebral palsy (CP). Her work seeks to create and validate data-based longitudinal models of speech and language development in CP that can be used to predict outcomes and guide treatment decision-making. Speech intelligibility is a key focus of this work.  Dr. Hustad has a strong interest in bridging research with clinical practice.  Her work has been funded by the NIH (NIDCD) since 2003. 

Dr. Hustad received her Master of Science (1992) in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and her PhD (1999) in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  She is an ASHA Fellow and has been involved in a variety of leadership activities within ASHA, including serving as a member of the Research and Scientific Affairs Committee, a mentor for Lessons for Success, Grant Review and Reviewer Training, the Clinical Practice Research Institute, and Mentoring Academic Research Careers programs.  She has been actively involved with ASHA journals as an author, a reviewer, an associate editor, an ad hoc editor, and an editor throughout her 20+ year career.


Heather Shaw Bonilha

Medical University of South Carolina

Anny Castilla-Earls

University of Houston

Amy L. Donaldson

Portland State University

Mary K. Fagan

Chapman University

Nancy Hall

The University of Maine

Lynne Hewitt

Ithaca College

Jessica E. Huber

Purdue University

Jacqueline Laures-Gore

Georgia State University

Georgia Malandraki

Purdue University

Jillian McCarthy Maeder

The University of Tennessee Health

Ignatius Nip

San Diego State University

Therese O'Neil-Pirozzi

Northeastern University

Bill Ogletree

Western Carolina University

Rita R. Patel

Indiana University Bloomington

Audra Sterling

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Editorial Board Members

Alyson Abel, San Diego State University
Tamiko Azuma, The University of Arizona
Anne Bothe Marcotte, University of Georgia
Chris Brebner, Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Deanna Britton, Portland State University
Martin B. Brodsky, Johns Hopkins University
Courtney T. Byrd, The University of Texas at Austin
Hyunju Chung, Louisiana State University
Kerrie Lemons Chitwood, California State University, Monterey Bay
Petrea Cornwell, Griffith University, South East Queensland, Australia
Lauren Cycyk, University of Oregon
Pamela Dodrill, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston
Jacinta Douglas, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
Michelle Flippin, University of Rhode Island
Memorie Gosa, University of Alabama
Christine Holyfield, University of Arkansas
Louise C. Keegan, Moravian College
Yunjung Kim, Florida State University
Mirza J. Lugo-Neris, The University of Texas at Austin
Laura J. Mattie, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sonja M. Molfenter, New York University – Steinhardt
Bryan Ness, California Baptist University
Lisa Hammett Price, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Amy Rodriguez, Center for Visual & Neurocognitive Rehabilitation, Atlanta VA Medical Center
Nicole Rogus-Pulia, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Panying Rong, University of Kansas
Jeff Sigafoos, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Patti Solomon-Rice, Our Lady of the Lake University
Mark VanDam, Washington State University
Janina Wilmskoetter, Medical University of South Carolina
Colleen F. Visconti, Baldwin Wallace University
Lisa M. Wiseman Weil, Emerson College
Emily Zimmerman, Northeastern University